(suh-BLYME): adjective
Reaching new levels of quality and perfection unduplicated elsewhere; of such immense beauty that the viewer’s breath is taken away, metaphorically speaking.


Our Portfolio Homes


From gourmet kitchens to primary oasis-like bedrooms, spacious gathering areas to having more storage spaces than one could possibly need, our wide range of high-end standard features created by our design team can help you build a dream home unique to you and your family.

See our work and be inspired for your Sublime home!


Throughout the years we have had the pleasure to meet and build for so many, and these photos are just a sample of such. Our unique and personalized approach, or ‘Sublime Experience’ as we like to call it, allows our team to get to know every client even greater, very often creating relationships that last beyond the completion of their home.

Home is and should be where you feel the most comfortable, heard, valued, and safe. This is the experience that we strive to deliver to every client. We look forward to our first meetings where we are able to break the ice, listen to the unique wants and needs, and share beginning ideas to help build a strong relationship and home.



Through the implementation of over 60 Sublime created processes, we are able to bring every client’s unique home to life while staying true to our standards time and time again. From the initial interaction through the completion of our 1-year warranty, we are committed to leading every build by providing all necessary information and excellent communication with our team, sub-contractors, and clients. Each and every one of our processes was created with intention, care, and our optimal quality in mind.



The photos displayed on this page include a mix of our standard features, as well as customized upgrades. While our standard features offer a wide variety of high-quality choices for our clients, we understand the important role that upgrades may play in bringing your dream home to life. From the brick color on the exterior of the home, to the height of the shower head in the en suite, our clients are involved in every aspect of their hand-crafted home through the thorough and thoughtful guidance of our team of experts. Our selections coordinator will meet you with helpful knowledge, understanding, and thoughtfulness for every item chosen and make the selection phase of your design-build project to be as seamless as possible.


Through our personalized, one-on-one experience with our in-house architect and selections coordinator, our clients are able to choose selections that work with the style of their dream home, the surrounding neighborhood, development standards, and their investment range. We work to establish a realistic budget early on in the project and design every client’s home based on this.

We know the potential stress that this investment can bring, unplanned events that could occur, and we do our best to alleviate that by making the process as simple and enjoyable as possible. With over 50 detailed decisions and selections to make, we know that designing a home can seem overwhelming to many. Our specialty is creating a safe and stress-free environment through our hands-on design process and guidance of our professional design team. We work with clients to make every decision and make sure that no detail is forgotten. In order to build your home most efficiently, we ensure that all selections are finalized prior to breaking ground for your new house.

Through detailed drawings, renderings, walk-around and walk-through videos, and an in-person selection process that allows our clients to see samples in real life, we are able to bring your home to life before construction ever begins.



From contract signing through the completion of each home, our superintendents and accountant are there to guide you through every step with on going assistance through construction. Our team of experts recognize the importance of making the building process as smooth and efficient as possible for everyone involved, and we value building a transparent relationship with each of our clients and subcontractors. Sublime uses only the highest quality subcontractors and suppliers in Northwest Indiana, all of whom share the values of creating a hand-crafted home and personalized experience.


From St John to Valparaiso, Sublime Homes is building in communities spread across Northwest Indiana. While each community offers something different than the other, our offer remains the same – to build our clients a home of Sublime quality. No matter which community our clients choose to build in, we are able to design homes that fit each subdivisions unique requirements and development standards.

Sublime Estates, Rose Garden, The Manors at Walden Clearing, Brigata Hills, The Continental, and The Preserve are just a few of the communities where we have brought dreams to life. Over the years, we have also had the opportunity to build homes for clients in Ellendale Farms of Crown Point; Castle Estates, West Lakes and Park West of Munster; New Buffalo, MI and other unique properties across Northwest Indiana and Southern Michigan.



We dare to be different. We push the envelope and surpass the status quo. We welcome challenges and encourage out-of-the box thinking. We strive to be Sublime, by offering an experience and final product that is unlike any other. We aspire to reach new levels of quality and perfection unduplicated elsewhere through our proven processes and ongoing education. While the homes we create have been able to fill a particular and unique market in Northwest Indiana, the reasoning behind what we do is far greater than the product we create.



Featured on this page are a variety of some of our favorite projects. From the charming and modern exteriors to the welcoming and comfortable or innovative and sleek interiors, Sublime Homes has an abundance to offer. We hope that these projects have inspired you as much as they inspired us during their creation.


For more information on our design-build process, where we build, and how we can help bring your dream home to life, please contact our sales department at sales@sublimehomes.com, or (219) 228-2280.

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