If you are in search of Home Builders in Northwest Indiana then look no further than Sublime homes. Our vision is to not only build a great home for our clients but the kids and experience as well. We want our client experience to be personal, seamless and stress-free. Our core values are passion, growth, Community, and humility. We as a corporation promote continued education and encourage both personal and professional development. Members of our team are constantly eager to learn and provide quality on a daily basis. These values, in our opinion, are essential to provide our clients with “sublime” value in each and every encounter.

Our Sublime way here at sublime homes, Is made up of three easy steps. The first step is pre-construction, this is where you choose your home and Design. We are able to design your house and voice our architect and selection coordinator. The next step is production. In that production step this is where your vision becomes reality. Our team is able to construct the house of your dreams in this step. The third and last step is warranty. At closing you will be handed a maintenance booklet so you know how to maintain your home. You have a 1 year fit-and-finish warranty beginning on your closing date that covers specific elements of your home. So if you’re looking for honest Home Builders in Northwest Indiana then we are the place for you.

If you’re looking for open floor plans in high ceilings while having a comfortable living space then definitely we are the Home Builders in Northwest Indiana for you. You will not regret making us your home builders here in Northwest Indiana. We have multiple floor plans that are available to build in all of our communities. We have anything from a one-story home to a three-story home. We also have some excellent two-story homes or 1/2 story homes. Our homes are large and they are high quality. So no matter if you want something more custom built or one of our standard plans that we have available we are able to offer both options. You will not regret either or.

We are happy to let you know how the design process works here at Sublime homes. Our design process is personalized in a one-on-one experience with our in-house architect. You’re able to choose a selection of the grandpa that you would like to see. You can pour some of our bottle homes. Our first priority is to create a safe and stress-free environment process. We are here to guide you on how to build your home and how to design your home. We also have the ability to do walkthrough videos and an in-person selection process that will allow you to see our samples.

If you want to know more information about our company or you are ready to make an appointment with us at subline homes then give us a call or reach out to us. Our phone number is 219-228-2280. Or you can just go to our website to get in contact with us through there or look around to find out more information about our company and our floor plans. https://sublimehomes.com/

Home Builders in Northwest Indiana|Best Home Builders In IN

If you’re looking for the best Home Builders in Northwest Indiana then we’re here to tell you that Sublime homes are the best choice for you. Sublime Homes has had the chance to change many lives by building hundreds of homes throughout the south suburbs of Chicago and Northwest Indiana.
Our team’s obsessive focus on quality and detail, combined with our superb craftsmanship, results in houses of the highest caliber that balance functionality and aesthetics to create your Sublime Home. We take pride in providing. Our core values are simple but very important. One of our core values is passion, because we care about you as our client to get the best results. That’s why I would put so much passion into our work. Another core value that we have is, Community because we care about unifying and selflessly serving our community with great amazing homes. Cheryl X up lime homes we also want you to know that we listen and you will get exactly what you ask for when it comes to the home you have to sign. There are no surprises when you walk into your home it will be exactly the way you wanted.

Our team is here to make your life easier so you don’t have to worry about anything. We want to make this experience stress-free for you and your family because we understand how stressful it is to make the investment in building your home. See process when it comes to designing and making sure that everything in your home is what you’re looking for and what you expect. That is why we offer an extended amount of time and remember that we are able to help you achieve your dream home immediately. We are the best Home Builders in Northwest Indiana because we put our clients’ needs & wants first and we listen to everything you have to say so you don’t have to worry about not getting exactly what you asked for.

We are definitely the most experienced Home Builders in Northwest Indiana so you will definitely not be disappointed when we build your home. Our process is stress free and we’re here to help you with everything you need. IWe have built so many homes for so many different people throughout the years and on our website you were able to see some sample photos of our. So if you would like you can go to our website and make sure you’re not what we’re talking about.

We believe that your home is where you should feel the most comfortable and safe and that is the experience we want you to have when you work with us. When you go into your new home what we want you to be safe and feel like this new beginning is a great one and a comfortable one and a stress-free one.

If you’re ready to get in contact with us and find out more about our company then get in touch with us. Our phone number is 219-228-2280. Or you can go to our website and find out more information there. We are able to also show you our portfolio on the website so you have an idea of how we build our homes. https://sublimehomes.com/