We have the best home designs that any Home Builders in Northwest Indiana in Northwest Indiana can hope for. Sublime homes builds quality new homes featuring open floor plans, high ceilings, comfortable living spaces, convenient notes, and a seamless blend of classic and modern design styles. Every aspect of our design and construction process is focused on creating a home that will fit the unique needs of any family size. We put the keys in your hand to build the home of your dreams. But let’s focus on our one and a half story plans and our three-story plan.

To start the list for our Home Builders in Northwest Indiana, let’s start with their one and a half story plans. Specifically first, the Lorraine model. This unique model offers an opportunity to choose between a 1 1/2 story and a two-story floor plan. The most people go with a 1 1/2 story. Showcasing a first-floor owner’s suite, the Lorraine model offers four bedrooms total. Also with 2 1/2 bathrooms and a three car garage. The square footage of this personalized plan ranges between 3125 ft.² to 3500 ft.². Since matter what size the family you have, or if you’re just about to start one, this model could be the perfect fit for you.

Next up, we would like to show Home Builders in Northwest Indiana our Lilly model. The Lilly model is the perfect combination of modern luxury and rustic design. All gathered into a spacious 2881 ft.² one half story home. This four bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom plan features a three car load garage any first-floor owner suite that allows for a single level living with ample space for entertainment. Enjoy a refined modern farmhouse exterior, welcoming front porch, and large covered outdoor space that extends from the spacious living room. And all of our homes can be fully customized on the outside, depending on your aesthetic.

Now let’s move on to her three-story plan. We only have one of these so far, but we are working on making more. We are currently working on getting better. But for now, let’s talk about the Rose model. This three-story model contains 4100 ft.² of modern luxury spreading amongst four bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms. In addition to the luxurious interior of this home, the Rose model features a three car garage and Pisgah rest, storybook cottage style architecture. You don’t have to worry, if you don’t like this style of architecture, we will happily change it to anything that will fit your visual aesthetic needs.

No matter what size home you’re looking for, in a matter what story plan you’re looking for, sublime homes can create the perfect custom dream home just for you. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we are always more than happy to help. He can give us a call today at 219-228-2280, or check our online website at any time on sublimehomes.com. You can also follow our social media accounts to stay up-to-date with current open houses, model home tours, and so much more.

What Do These Home Builders In Northwest Indiana Have To Do?


Our two-story plans are the go to for the majority of Home Builders in Northwest Indiana. So let’s just jump right into it. Let’s start off with the Colette bottle. This two-story home has become a favorite featuring a three car garage and 4200 ft.². This includes five bedrooms and three baths! The Colette model is known for its beautifully integrated first-floor plan that can binds the family room with the cutting-edge kitchen and dedicated dining areas. The spacious floor plan also allows for second-floor bonus room. Looking for something different? With a simple classic elevation throughout, the Jacobs for Gables presents a charming characteristic that is cherished by many. This two-story model hallmark 33 car garage, four bedrooms, and 2 1/2 bathrooms with 3200 ft.² of total living space. And that’s just to start off our two-story floor plans.

If you are Home Builders in Northwest Indiana looking for something a little bit more extravagant, then the Jacklyn model is for you. This home showcases a catwalk that overlooks the impressive two-story family room and introduces soaring windows that allow for great natural lighting throughout. The Jacklyn model encompasses a three car garage and brings 3600 ft.² a spacious living area to life with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and office, and a second-floor bonus room. Then we also have the Frank model. The curvaceous lines of the garage door is an eyebrow dormer offset by the sharp peaks of the front Gables makes this home astonishing. This two-story Frank model provides a three car garage and 3000 ft.² of total living space inclusive of four bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms.

One of the more popular models that Home Builders in Northwest Indiana look for is the Elizabeth model. Popular for its family-friendly and practical design, the modern from hostile architecture that this home presents is loved by many. The Elizabeth model is a two-story, 3300 ft.² floor plan containing four bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, and a three car garage. But then we also have the Geoffery model. Acknowledge for its honest and simplicity of a true American house, this two-story floor plan includes four bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, and a three car garage. The 3100 ft.² Geoffery model is defined by its grantsmanship features. Such as stick worn in the Gables, slipping porch columns, and decorative braces.

And finally, our last two two-story floor plans. The Magnolia model and the iris model. The Magnolia model is a two-story model which combines minimalistic design and the timeless tradition of a farmhouse. Ending both design style seamlessly, this 2990 ft.² home includes four bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, and a three car garage. It is also complete with an open concept living area, a flexible room on the main floor, and plenty of space for each family member upstairs, also including a bonus room. The iris model is an elegant, modern tutor style two-story home featuring a three car garage. This is 3330 ft.² for plan offers a spacious family and kitchen area with large windows that create a light filled interior. This four bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom model includes the luxurious owner suite and a flex space that can be used as a guest room, study, or quiet retreat.

As you can see, if you’re looking for a two-story floor plan, we have you covered. You give us a call at 219-228-2280, or check out our online website sublimehomes.com to get started on creating your perfect dream home.