Sublime homes are the most experienced Home Builders in Northwest Indiana. You’ll definitely not find anyone more experienced and more if I had to focus and our company here at Sublime homes. We are here to not only provide the best experience when it comes to designing and building your home but we are also here to provide you with the best customer Service experience that you will ever have. Our company is very okay and we have a great team culture. This ensures that our team will work together to get your home the best way possible and make sure we meet the deadlines that you have. I have a very easy process with your Sublime. First president, this is where you will meet with our in-house architect and selection coordinator to make sure you are designing the best dream home for you. After that is the production and lastly is the warranty which is discussed at the closing day.

Here at the sublime home so we believe. Preconstruction prices insert the most important part of all of this. This is where you make your home more personalized and you start designing your home with our in-house architect and selection coordinator. You’re able to select exactly what type of cabinets and what type of tile you want inside your home and if you want vaulted ceilings or anything specific in the home you’re able to do so in this phase. We believe this is the most important because this is where you design your space and this is the fact that you will build your dream home alongside our team. This is another reason why we believe to be the best Home Builders in Northwest Indiana. We take our time in getting to know you and your family so we are 100% accurate when it comes to building your home.

If you are someone who is looking for a team of Home Builders in Northwest Indiana, Who will not only build a great home but would also offer you a great experience that is stress-free look no further than us here at Sublime homes. We have a great team of Builders and Architects that are able to help you build your dream home and make it a reality.

We also pride ourselves in having a grade division and grade core values. That is why our company is better than others. We not only care about the way we build houses but we also want to offer a Sublime experience to our customers as well. We want your experience to be personal, seamless and as stress-free as possible. That is why we are a great company to build your home.

If you’re ready to book with us today then do not hesitate and then give us a call. Her phone number is 219-228-2280. Just through our website. You’re able to see all of our portafolios and all of our floor plans on our website.We are here to make your life easier and stretch for you when it comes to building your dream home.

Home Builders in Northwest Indiana| Best In The Business

Here at Sublime homes we strive to be the best Home Builders in Northwest Indiana. You’ll never be disappointed with our services as we are very detail-oriented and we make sure that our clients are provided with the best experience ever. We want you to enjoy this process of building your home and designing your home and to have a very stressful experience where you will be able to design your home in a very relaxed way. We also want to make sure that the home and design is your dream home. That is why we always want to find out more about our clients and their lifestyle before we start building the home. Like this we know exactly what your needs are and what fits your family the best.

Another great reason why we are such a great company is that we offer our home buyers with warranty. The warranty is discussed at the end of the production process. This is a closing day. We also provide our homeowners with a homeowner maintenance booklet. And in this booklet you’ll find instructions on how to maintain your Sublime home. As mentioned before you are entitled to receiving a one year warranty beginning on your closing day. This warranty covers specific elements of your home. So you feel safe that if something goes wrong, we are there to fix it and you don’t have to pay anything because you have the warranty. This is just another great reason why you should make us your Home Builders in Northwest Indiana.

An excellent reason why you should make us your home builders in Northwest Indiana, Is that we offer a great incentive today. This is a no-brainer when it comes to making at your home builders here in Indiana. If you register today on our website you get $20,000 off your Sublime owned Homesite when you build with us. So you don’t have to pay a lot of money for your loss. You are able to get $20,000 off your lot and put more toward building your home and make it more customized to your liking. We want to not only help you with building your dream home but we also want to make sure that you are not spending all the money on the lot your home is the important part. That is why you can use the $20,000 that we offer on your lot into adding more things that you love to your home, like for example a pool.

Make sure you go to our website to check us out. We have all of our home and floor plans on the website. We also have the move-in ready homes posted on our website so you’re able to see those. Interested in costumes we have more information on that on our website.

If you’re ready to get started today then give us a call. Our phone number is 219-228-2280. You can also go to our website and get contacts through there. Make sure you registered to claim your incentive when you go to the website.