Sublime homes builds the Best Custom Homes Northwest Indiana. Sublime homes builds in numerous communities across Northwest Indiana and proves to be a great place for families and couples alike. From St. John’s to Valparaiso, and communities and between. Our neighborhoods offer a range of spacious homesites, private ponds and tree-lined walking paths. All are surrounded by academically claim school districts and nearby attractions. Making all of our community a well-established neighborhood perfect for all of our clients.

Now let’s get into some of the communities that we use for the Best Custom Homes Northwest Indiana. Let’s talk about our coming soon future, sublime estates. This will be located in St. John, Indiana. Exclusive and luxurious. Each uniquely customizable. Developed and built by sublime homes. Nestled in the heart of St. John’s, on 93rd Ave. and Clairemont Drive. Now let’s talk about our community that is in St. John’s, Brigata Hills. Brigata Hills is a timeless neighborhood tucked away in a quiet, natural landscape, located on the northwest side of Valparaiso. And this is just the start of our community locations.

Up next on the Best Custom Homes Northwest Indiana community tour? Rose garden. Tucked away while remaining centrally located in St. John, Rose Garden welcomes luxurious homes and homesites and one of the fastest-growing and most hospitable places to live in North Indiana. Next? Manors at Walden clearing. Ideally located in St. John, sits on one of North West Indiana’s most idyllic and sought-after addresses. Manors at Walden clearing uniquely embraces small town living in the rich, rural characteristics of its heritage. Still haven’t found the right community for you? Well don’t worry, we still have a few more.

Looking for a beautiful place to live that’s located in quiet St. John, Indiana? The preserved might be for you. Trees, ponds, biking and walking paths are all included within this community. Plus, great views can be found in every corner of this growing community. Or how about our continental? Home to an extraordinary landscape, the Continental’s gated community offers a safe and private sanctuary unparalleled by other communities in St. John. As you can see, we have multiple communities to choose from. So no matter what you’re looking for, we can find the right fit for you and your family. And after you found the perfect home? At the closing of your move-in ready home, you will receive the same information and perks as our other clients. As a sublime home homeowner, you will receive a one-year fit and finish warranty, beginning at your closing date.

If you’re moving from out of state, or worry about what your living situation will look like while your dream home was being built, and turn living may have crossed your mind. This is no object with a move-in ready home. Move-in ready homes eliminate the issue of moving more than once and provides you with a beautiful home and practically no time. So please to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. You can call us today at 219-228-2280, or check out our online website and their website at any time. We are always more than happy to help.

Why Treat Yourself To The Best Custom Homes Northwest Indiana?


If you value the time and dedication behind bringing visions to life from scratch, Best Custom Homes Northwest Indiana is just for you. We bring your vision to life from scratch through detailed conversations, intricate design, and intimate selection process. Our sublime custom experience is the perfect fit for you! To our process, we will have an abundance of unique opinions that we can bring to life in your custom home. For more information on our design build process, available lots, or to schedule a meeting with our builder, give us a call today!

Every aspect of the design and construction process of the Best Custom Homes Northwest Indiana is centered around creating a one-of-a-kind custom home. These homes are made to fit the unique needs of each and every one of our clients we want to bring the vision of your dream to life. It is why we put the keys in your hand to personalize every aspect of your dream home. From a kitchen layout, to the sequence of arriving and entering your home, to the way you will unwind at the end of the day by combining your vision with the expertise of our in-house architect and design team, we can design and build homes excessively tailored to each client’s unique needs.

In order to create the Best Custom Homes Northwest Indiana that will continue to be a dream home for you to years to come, we go above and beyond. We have found that it is necessary to invest the time to dive into deep conversations, to build lasting relationships, and learn about what is most important to each and every one of our clients. Our team offers one-on-one guidance to the design process to design your home from scratch while simultaneously developing your budget. With our design build service, sublime homes is able to offer custom homes with unique styles, building materials, and unique solutions to complex design challenges.

During the preliminary design phase of your custom home, we will conduct a complementary thorough site analysis. Our builders and in-house architect will provide you with a list of things to consider in the placement of your home and the suitability of the site. We will also provide you with information on utility consideration, your options for the foundation of your home, and a general idea of how to best prepare the site for construction. Our in-house architect will walk you through key items to consider. Such as the family room location at sunrise and sunset, the visibility of the community pond from your en suite or kitchen, the sense of privacy you hope to create, how to access your garages, where to build an outdoor living area, how to walk home guest into your home, and so much more.

If you haven’t found the perfect home site yet, we can assist you in finding a sublime location for your custom home. So you give us a call at 219-228-2280, or go to our online website, to find all of her information on our design build process, all of our available lots, or to simply schedule a meeting with the builder. We are always more than happy.